To equip children with the knowledge and skills to give them a headstart in their education journey

To foster passionate and positive teachers to give their best commitment to educate the future ummah

To be the preferred centre for early childhood education while assuring the parents with complete education in both academic and ukhrawi.


The purpose of Ideal Kidz is to guide and raise Muslim children imparting into them not just knowledge but WISDOM/(HAKIM) as well. We also believe that it is just as important to decorate children with the BEST of Manners because the BEST of people, our Prophet p.b.u.h said ‘Give due respect and regard to your children and decorate them with the best of manners.’ Abu Dawood.
Educating children is like educating the future because our children ARE THE FUTURE. And so by following the best way of educating children, our process will thus develop and raise the standard of the Ummah.



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