Are there any centres in the East/West side of Singapore?

We are currently located in Sembawang area only. We are looking into East and West side to cater for the community there.

Does the program follow ECDA curriculum?

Our program is already covering the 6 main components of pre school curriculum. In fact we have integrated additional learning areas for our students. So the curriculum is more than sufficient for pre-school education.

Are there excursions and Graduations ceremonies?

Yes we have excursions for our outdoor learning program. And we are excited and proud to congratulate our K2 students!!

Are the teachers qualified/trained?

Yes we have Early Childhood trained teachers and we follow the guidelines to ensure a good standard for our school.

Will there be snacks for my child? And what will they be eating?

Yes there will be a snack time for the children. We will serve a range of healthy food and light snacks for the children.

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