What our teachers are able to do:

Our teachers will inculcate in your child reading and writing as a part of everyday life and it can be fun and enjoyable.

Activities for children include the following:

1. Giving the right inputs to your child – E.g. objects, occupations, and events in the everyday environment.

2. Bonding time with your child during activities such as through conversations and discussions.

3. Draw out your child’s attention to events in everyday settings such as traffic signs, store logos, and names of buildings.

4. Introducing new vocabulary words

5. Engaging your child in rhyming games and nursery rhymes through English, Malay and Arabic rhymes

6. Reading sessions of story books that focus on sounds, rhymes, and pronounciation

7. Inculcating the love of reading

8. Providing a variety of materials to encourage drawing and colouring  (e.g., crayons, paper, markers, finger paints).

9. Encouraging your child to describe or tell a story about his/her drawing through show and tell sessions.

10. Giving the attention when they speak and develop a strong bonding relationship.

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