Skills Development

Activities for children include the following:


  1. Children enjoy learning
  2. Bonding time with your child during activities - through conversations and discussions
  3. Develop good Auditory, Visual and Motor skills
  4. Children will be more confidence & able to communicate better
  5. Children will be develop according to Islamic Values


  1. Memorisation of surahs from juz amma
  2. Able to read Iqra and Quran
  3. Learning good manners
  4. Able to hafal daily doa
  5. Able to understand basic arabic words and phrases


  1. Good writing & spelling skills
  2. Able to converse in good English and Malay fluently
  3. Able to express emotions
  4. Able to explain details
  5. Able to read story books fluently


  1. Able to count 1 to 100
  2. Able to count backwards
  3. Able to do basic addition
  4. Able to do basic subtraction
  5. Able to understand basic multiplication
  6. Able to understand basic division

Motor Skills:

  1. Able to button clothes
  2. Able to use Chopsticks
  3. Able to build blocks using lego
  4. Able to cut out shapes
  5. Able to sort things using pincer or thongs
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